Grey or black skirt, pinafore, dress, trousers or shorts

Light blue shirt or polo shirt (with or without school logo)

Royal blue cardigan, jumper or sweatshirt (with or without school logo)


During warmer months’ children may additionally wear:

Blue and white gingham dress or jumpsuit (of knee length)

Grey or black shorts

If socks are visible, they should be white, grey, black or royal blue (e.g. knee-high socks)

Tights should be black, grey, white or royal blue.

Skirts, shorts, jump suits and dresses should be an appropriate length that fall just above or below the knee.


Shoes must be black and plain in design with flat heels.

Black ankle boots may be worn but these need to be plain with no embellishments e.g. tassels, shiny bits or big buckles.

Plain black trainers may be worn but they should be logo free and be all black in colour including black soles.

If children wear footwear with laces, they must be able to tie these themselves. If a child cannot tie shoelaces, they should wear footwear with alternative fastenings that they can close and open themselves e.g. Velcro


Children will need:

Indoor Kit

Plain black shorts or leggings

Plain house coloured* T-shirt or white T-Shirt

Outdoor Kit

Plain black leggings or tracksuit bottoms

Plain house coloured* sweatshirt/hoody

Plain house coloured* T-shirt or white T-Shirt

Trainers (if your child wears trainers to school these must be a different pair)

A change of socks

No motifs/logos are permitted. All PE kit should be plain in design

PE kits should be in a drawstring bag with all items named. It should be brought to school on Mondays and taken home on a Friday to be washed. 

*House colours are:

Lions- yellow

Turtles- dark green or bottle green

Eagles – royal blue or dark blue

Dolphins- red


Swimsuit or swim shorts. Bikinis are not allowed, and shorts should not be too baggy since they are hard to swim in.


Swim hat

Goggles if the permission slip has been signed

Waterproof bag

All children with hair long enough should tie it up for PE. Earrings need to be removed or taped.


Children can use a book bag with the school logo on. We recommend that all children in EYFS and KS1 use these.

All other bags should be suitably sized. We recommend rucksack/ backpack styles. Bags are stored on pegs and oversized bags can take up too much room and are hard for children to manage.

Coats should be brought to school for most days of the year. A simple raincoat should be provided in the warmer months where rain is forecast, since children play outside on all days except for particularly bad weather.

All items of uniform, PE kit, bags and coats etc must be named and regularly checked by parents/carers that the name is clearly visible.


Hair should be of a natural colour that a child could be born with. Hair should not be dyed a non-natural colour and hair braiding should not include colours that can be woven into the hair.

We recommend that all hair that is long enough to be tied up is tied up for school. All hair must be tied up for PE. Small hair accessories may be worn i.e. hair clips and small bows. These should be white, blue, grey or black. If a headband is worn it should be soft and small. Any headband that sits off the head or could be dangerous are not permitted e.g. metal cats ear style


Children should not wear jewellery to school. The exceptions are:

Small plain studs worn in the ears.

Small wrist watch or fitness band

Other items of religious significance (requests should be made to Mr Driver or Miss Walker)

All jewellery is expected to be removed for PE and swimming. Staff are not allowed to remove earrings so these should be removed by the children themselves or not worn on PE days. A child may wear microfibre plasters over any new piercings.

Where to purchase Uniform

Uniform can be purchased and ordered from:


  • Sweatshirts, cardigans and other items with the school logo may be purchased from Violet Embroidery. This can be done by visiting their website: Violet Embroidery or via telephone: 07716910373 or via email violet.ee@yahoo.com
  • The PTFA run stalls during the Summer and Christmas Fairs which sell second hand uniform.
  • The school operates a uniform swap.
  • The school will provide uniform either free of charge or subsidised for children whose families suffer financial hardship.